It’s that season again! Yes…the season for your annual Sales Kickoff (SKO) meeting.
It is one of those rare and golden opportunities when you are able to pull the entire sales team together with other key players from across the company to educate, energize, inspire and shape the behavior required for success in the upcoming sales year.

Disappointingly, participants frequently come unprepared and sit passively on the receiving end of a one-way barrage of information.As a result, your sales team ends up taking away only a fraction of the intended value of this important meeting. So how to you elevate the impact and increase the take-away value of your SKO?
Top sales leaders get more out of their kickoff meetings by requiring their teams to put some skin in the game. This means challenging the team to be active participants in the SKO in order to maximize the impact.
Here are 5 ways to elevate the impact of your SKO:

Set Expectations


Be clear about the objectives and expectations of the kickoff meeting to ensure that everyone comes with the proper mindset to get the most out of the meeting.


Assign Homework


Instead of having your team just show up at the meeting to be spoon-fed, hand out meaningful homework assignments prior to the SKO so your team comes to the meeting already prepared to actively participate and contribute.


Leverage Learning


Integrate leveraged learning roundtables and panels into the SKO in which top sales people can share best practices supporting critical areas of success.


Develop Personal Action Plans


Challenge the participants to determine what they want to get out of the SKO along with their personal plan to make it happen.


Create a Dance Card


Create a Dance Card for new employees to guide them through self-introduction and relationship development with key people that they will need to know and rely on throughout organization to be successful.

One final thought …
Social hours and dinners are important activities to inject energy and elevate teaming. Unfortunately we often see individuals – at all levels of an organization – treat the meeting like a bacchanal as they demonstrate less than appropriate behavior that leaves people wondering, “What were they thinking?”  While you certainly want your team to have a great time, lead by example to set the tone for the professional behavior you expect.


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