The Challenge

StrategyIn contrast to the single faceted strategies common in years past, today’s marketplace demands a more complex blend of strategies that often include a mix of direct field sales, inside sales, channel partners, strategic alliances and social media. To complicate things further we often have partner alliances that include a blend of sell-to, sell-through, sell-with, OEM, joint R&D, and interoperability requirements. Even if you already know the right mix for your company, designing, building and operationalizing these models is a resource and time intensive undertaking that needs to occur before your ready to go-live to transact business.


Companies can achieve speed to execution for sell-to, sell-through and sell-with models by working with Compendium Advisors help them assess, plan and execute in key areas including:


Strategy for markets, segments, verticals, accounts, channels and alliances
Strategy for sell-to, sell-through and sell-with models
Strategy for penetration, acquisition, growth and retention


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