The Challenge

AlignmentSimilar to aerodynamic drag, most organizations experience a variety of external and internal misalignments that reduce the effectiveness of sales execution and create unnecessary drag on the organization. External alignment challenges often manifest as misalignment of the sellers process with the buyers process while internal alignment challenges often present themselves as sales execution or cross-functional collaboration issues. While some misalignments may be apparent, others are not as readily identifiable and often remain latent inhibitors to the organizational and sale success. Peeling back the onion to identify these alignment challenges lays the foundation to assess impact and risk as well as develop and implement alignment correction plans.



Companies can accelerate the identification and mitigation of alignment challenges by working with Compendium Advisors help them assess, plan and execute in key areas including:


Aligning sales execution with strategy.
Aligning messaging with your target market and Perfect Prospect Profile (PPP)
Aligning your Sales Process with your Buyer’s Process
Achieving cross-functional alignment and collaboration


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