Your Roadmap for Sales Success in 2017

Is your sales team prepared to explode out of the starting blocks in January for a powerful start and success in 2017?

Unfortunately, many companies ignore sales planning because they feel the task is overwhelming or that they will be unable to develop a comprehensive plan. If you have delayed your sales planning, it is not too late to take action and put your team on a path for success in the upcoming year.

Successful sales leaders know that a clear sales plan serves as the team’s roadmap for success. It sets the tone and helps the team start strong and stay ahead of its revenue target. This puts the sales leader in a position of power to operate the sales organization with greater latitude and gives them the flexibility to ask for and acquire the things needed to be successful throughout the year.

Here are 10 key areas that successful sale leaders focus on to ensure they have a roadmap for their team’s success:

1. Priorities – Sales priorities are aligned with the company strategy and are focused, actionable and clearly communicated throughout the organization.

2. Targets – Sales targets are set and ready for allocation that challenge the team yet are still attainable.

3. Incentives – The sales incentive plan is tailored to drive the specific behaviors required to achieve the desired results.

4. Obstacles – Top obstacles impeding sales are identified and a plan to overcome them is in place.

5. Must Haves – Critical “must haves” that required for success have been identified.

6. Revenue Line-Of-Sight – There is clear “line-of-sight” between the pipeline opportunity and the ability to meet/exceed sales targets. IF the pipeline will not support achievement of sales targets, a Gap Closure Plan to overcome the revenue gap has been developed.

7. Fast Start Plan – A Fast Start Plan is in place to help the team explode out of the starting blocks in Q1.

8. Account & Territory Plans – Well thought out territory and account plans are in place to serve as a roadmap for tactical execution.

9. Must Win – Attack plans have been developed for those strategic “must win” opportunities.

10. Individual Action Plans – Sales team members have each created a individual action plan for their personal sales success.

Once your Sales Plan is in place it is time to pull the trigger. Launch the new year and create energy with a sales kickoff so the team clearly understands what is expected coming out of the starting blocks.

What are you waiting for? Get your team off to a fast start in Q1 and lay the foundation for success in 2017.

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