Debriefing After a Sales Call

As a natural bookend to my last article on Pre-Call Planning for Sales Pros ( ) it is appropriate to give some attention to its frequently neglected cousin – the Post-Call Debriefing.

The concept of debriefing is not just appropriate for sports teams or military operations but for sales teams as well. As a sales leader, taking a few minutes to do a debriefing with your sales person and other team members following a sales call is essential. Just like pre-call planning, a post-call debriefing does not have to be a lengthy or difficult task. Time Out
A post-call debriefing should be done each and every time there is a joint sales call with your sales person or a joint call between your sales person and other sales resources. In addition to making sure you heard and understood the same things during the call, the debriefing also serves as a window for the sales leader into the sales persons perception and competency. As such it is an important tool for sales leaders as they help their team progress through the stages of sales competency. (
Five key questions to include as part of your debriefing are:
1) How did the call go?
2) Did you achieve the objectives of the meeting and capture your expected “Take-Aways”?
3) What went well?
4) What would you do differently next time?
5) What are the next steps? (Including action items, action owners and committed timeframe)

The bottom line is that successful sales leaders use post-call debriefings as an effective tool to help their teams reflect on the sales call and elevate their future sales success.

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