A Fast Start in 2015: 8 Best Practices

By mid-December, with the exception of a client with use-it-or-lose-it budget burning a hole in their pocket, sales for 2014 are over for all practical purposes. Instead of coasting for the reminder of the year, take advantage of this rare and golden opportunity to catch your breath and get set for what lies ahead.

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Is your sales team prepared to explode out of the starting blocks in January for a powerful start in 2015?


A fast start in the new year sets the tone for the following 12 months and mitigates the need play catch-up on year-to-date targets later in the year. A strong start also puts sales team leaders in a position to operate with latitude as well as the ability to ask for and acquire the things needed to be successful throughout the year.


It is always astounding when organizations don’t distribute quotas or incentive plans until Q2 or have their sales kickoff so late in the year that its hardly a kick-off. In these cases, the organization and its sales force both suffer as the sales team moves aimlessly ahead with no certain course or speed.


Here are eight best practices that successful sales organizations use to get out of the starting blocks for a fast start in the new year:


1. Priorities – Sales priorities for the new year are aligned with strategy. They are focused, actionable and clearly communicated throughout the organization.

2. Targets – Sales targets that challenge the team (but are attainable) are set and ready for allocation.

3. Incentives – The sales incentive plan is tailored to drive the specific behaviors required to reach the results desired. Consider a fast start bonus for teams that exceed their monthly or quarterly Q1 targets.

4. Pipeline Refresh – Pipeline housekeeping is done to clean out opportunities that are not in the organizations sweet spot or that are just wishful thinking.

5. Account & Territory Plans – Well thought out territory or account plans are in place to serve as a roadmap for execution.

6. Individual Action Plans – Sales team members have each created a personal action plan for self-development and sales success.

7. Ramp and Development – Clear on-boarding plans are in place to accelerate the productivity ramp of new employees as well as plans for overall team development.

8. Pull the Trigger – Launch the new year and create energy with a sales kickoff while the year is still young so the team clearly understands what is expected coming out of the starting blocks.


What are you waiting for? Get your team off to a fast start in Q1 and lay the foundation for success in 2015.


On your marks … !



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“Accelerating sales by aligning execution with strategy”

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